The Benefits of Satellite TV

It is a pleasure to have this opportunity to explain the benefits of Satellite TV. Quinn Electronics is one of the leading companies in the world in building satellite TV systems for commercial properties. For over 20 years Quinn Electronics has built every size and every type of system for thousands of properties. There are numerous advantages of installing a Satellite TV System from Quinn Electronics:

  1. Generally, we can offer substantial savings over cable TV, often saving tens of thousands of dollars over just a few years.
  2. You are free of heavy price increases from cable TV companies.
    You are free of unreasonable cable TV contracts, demanding exclusive control over your property for years.
  3. Satellite TV is digital and has crystal clear reception and thereby is often better picture quality than many cable companies.
  4. With Satellite TV you can choose channel line-up specific to your customer and property needs. Therefore, you can save money over cable, as you will have the freedom to select the channels you want and not have to pay for the channels that no one will watch.
  5. Quinn Electronics uses only reliable commercial grade electronics that provide years of trouble-free use. Warranty programs and long-term service contracts are available. We will, upon request, train your staff to perform basic maintenance operations.
  6. On most properties, the current coaxial (wiring) cable distribution system throughout the building to TV's is fine for conversion to Satellite TV. But if improvements are needed, QE is experienced in upgrading the distribution system if needed or required.
  7. Our experienced engineers and technicians will design, build and test your system. Your electronic equipment rack will consist of satellite receivers, modulators, amplifiers etc. The racks will be about 6 feet tall and 2 feet squared. (View photos of typical electronic racks.) All construction of equipment occurs in our factory and will be delivered to your property upon completion.
  8. A Satellite dish approximately 2 feet in diameter (view photos of dish) will be mounted on the roof of your facility and coaxial cable run to the central location utility room where the coax distribution system can be accessed. This is where our engineers will install and align the electronic rack and complete your new Satellite system.
  9. Our product and service comes with 100% customer satisfaction.

So, all things considered, Satellite TV is hard to beat. When you take into account quality, service and price, you will see why so many properties have chosen Quinn Electronics to upgrade their TV system.